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  • Body Language Moves to Master to Subtly Attract Woman

    There is a reason why women have been considered to be mysterious. One of the important reasons is the attention they give to tiny details when they meet a man and peep into his psyche.

    Your body language tells more about you than you think and women always look out for signs to show them that you are the right person for them. The way you carry yourself lets them know if you fit in the type of person they want to date. Following are some things you must master to ensure that you come out as a confident person and win women over –

  • Use Your Smile Sparingly – Some people believe that the more mysterious you are, the more women you attract. No one knows how true that is but women surely prefer their men to be mysterious and not open books. Smile is a powerful tool that tells a woman if you like her or not, hence, you must use it sparingly. Reward her with a smile every now and then but don’t overdo it. This will arouse her curiosity and she will want to know more about you. Women love solving mysteries.
  • Stand With A Good Posture – A good posture is synonymous with confidence and power. It is also indicative of a healthy self-esteem. All these things are a big turn on for women and it is necessary that you show them these traits of yours. Good Posture doesn’t mean standing straight; it means standing with your shoulders relaxed but your spine straight.
  • Stand Still Without Moving A Lot – Men who keep shuffling their feet or twitching a lot come off as nervous or under confident. She might think that you are intimidated by her or are trying a little too hard and that could be detrimental to the great impression you are trying to make. Also, try not fidgeting with your hands or your accessories, like your phone et al. For more such details about the signs you’re giving to women around you by your body language, you can read the book Double Your Dating by David Deangelo.
  • Make Good Eye Contact – Making eye contact doesn’t mean staring at her but ensure that whenever your eyes meet, you hold her gaze. Not only is it confident but is considered to be romantic. It is believed that people are who make eye contact are honest and straightforward and women really like that.
  • There are other tips like holding your chin up and not looking checking other women out. Be a good listener and have opinions. A woman loves a strong confident man.


    Brenda Lyttle is a dating coach by passion and an online party supplies provider by profession. You can check out http://www.partysuppliesmegastore.com/ for some great discount deals. 

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